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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school!


I can't believe it's over.  We survived our first year of school in St. George!

  For Ethan it was a real adjustment, but in the end he made some friends and had some great academic experiences.  He was often top of his class for math and science and he also found success with reading.  He is a diligent young man who is very self-motivated and driven.  This teacher said he is always on-task and then followed that up with saying "Do you know how rare that is?" She said she wished she could have a class full of Ethans. In addition to everything Ethan has learned, academically, he has also learned the importance of being punctual.  It's a great quality, but sometimes his need not only to be on time, but early, can be a little trying when I'm working to get the rest of our brood out the door.  I have to admit that he helps me be more on-time than not.

I am very grateful for Mrs. Tuituvuki who helped Ethan adjust to a new school and gave him the wings to fly.  She is a wonderful support and a great example of what an educator should be.

 Nataleigh cruised through the First grade. She is reading well and likes math. She loves to write stories with her friends and generally loves to learn.  She is also enjoying learning how to make her stories into books on the computer.  With all her success we have learned that we have to really remind her to turn in her homework.  More often than not she will finish her assignments and then forget to turn them in.  I should keep a reminder ribbon permanently tied around her finger.  

Nataleigh loved Mrs. Lasater.  She loved her songs, her stories, and her love for the class.
 It was a really good year for her.

Jacob had a good year too.  
He adjusted well to his Early Intervention pre-school. We are always discovering ways to help him learn and I work hard not to get frustrated when I have my Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.  I know he has some real delays, but I also know that he is a smart, compassionate, funny, and an entertaining little boy.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for this special kid.  

One of our favorite times of the day is when Jacob comes home on the bus.  It pulls right up to our door and often the neighborhood kids will gather to welcome Jacob home.  It is the sweetest thing to watch his best friends Cooper and Conner Camp stretch open their arms to greet Jacob with a hug.  

I love my neighborhood!

Mrs. Kathryn was so nice and made these fun signs for the kids on their last day of school.  They were thrilled to see their individual posters when they got home.  What a great way to celebrate. we come!

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