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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Geography Bee Champ

Ethan took First Place in his 5th grade Geography Bee!  We are so proud of him! 
David and I talk a lot about finding or creating opportunities for our kids to experience success.  This was a great opportunity.  

Ethan had 150 world geography facts to learn such as "What country has the highest mountain ranges?" Answer: Nepal.  He learned 50 geography land forms facts such as: "A collection of small islands is called?" An Archipelago. He also memorized the capitals of all 50 states.  That's a lot of trivia for a 10-year-old to learn.

 The best part was how the family all helped.  Aunt Brittany was with us for a few days--helping while my knee  healed.  She would come up with the best associations for Ethan.  She'd say, 'Okay Ethan, let's pretend your friend is standing on the tallest mountain range and you yell over to him...Hey! Ne Paul! Are you standing on the tallest mountain range?' She'd use a funny voice and presto the answer would stick. 

Brittany and I made Ethan flashcards. David drilled him on the capitals.  We all had geography facts buzzing through our heads!  Brittany actually took Ethan to the event.  It was then, just minutes before the start, when Brittany found out he had to locate where each state was on a map.  They quickly crammed.  Ethan's winning answer was properly identifying where Colorado was located.  Thank you Aunt Brittany!!

In this picture is my body double.  Just kidding :)  It's our neighbor "Mrs. Kathryn" who kindly made this sign for Ethan. He was so excited!
Ethan also competed and took 5th in the District Geography Challenge.  We are so proud!

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