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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flashback 2011

With doctor's orders to rest, I though I would catch up on the activities of the past few months...

While we were in California for Thanksgiving, David and I took the kids to touch the L.A. Temple.  


It was a continuation of a goal we set in 2010.  At that time our Fruit Heights 5th Ward Bishopric challenged each family to "Look to the Temple" and find ways to make the temple significant in our lives.  We decided to join the Colin and Randi Wright family in their goal of touching every temple in Utah. President Monson has promised that 'when a young person touches the temple, the temple touches them.'

Monticello, St. George, Payson

 When we started we had, together, seven kids under age 8.  It was a lot of effort, planning, and hard work.  We used long weekends, spring break, vacations and any spare time we could find to visit 15 temples from St. Geroge, to Logan, and from Vernal to Monticello.  We even visited two temple sites under construction: Brigham City and Payson. 

Logan              Brigham City

 South Jordan             Oquirrah Mountain

Draper            Bountiful

Mount Timpanogos

 In the process we discovered that each temple is unique.  Each has its own beauty.  We all had our favorites, and we all came away with stronger testimonies of the importance of temples.  Our kids have strengthened their testimonies of temples by sharing their experiences in Family Home Evening, Primary, and Sacrament Meeting. Now when we make plans for vacations one consideration is "What temple can we touch?" 

  Vernal                  Manti

Salt Lake City                        Provo
The children, who now total nine (all under 10) have developed their own testimonies of temples.   They don't just want to touch the temple, they are preparing to enter the temple and make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father.   What started as a focus on temples in Utah, has now expanded and we've touched temples in Newport, New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen.  This is only the beginning!

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  1. Mmmm LOVE that idea! Can't wait to start that in our family....i think we'll start with the London temple.