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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude- Friends

4. I am thankful for friends.  
This year I am especially grateful that Nataleigh has had the opportunity to have a special friend in Kenlee.  We believe it is important for our kids to know how to be a good friend.  They've heard me say it a million times, "You only need one."  Finding a real, true, friend can be harder than you'd think.  It is an important skill and and important experience.  Friends can bless our lives and enrich our earthly experiences.  I am grateful for friends.

Here are some picture from fun friends and play...

First, David and I received these special invitations.  Note: they are wrapped in 'tissue paper'.  Literally.

read:  "Nataleigh's Pottee in 1 minit"  
translation: "Nataleigh's Party in one minute" 
(don't you love the immediacy of this party?!)

On Nataleigh's bedroom door hung this beautiful art work.

read: "GRLS ONLE"
translation: "Girls Only"
(except for Dad, because he is so special)

We were then shown to our seats.
Please note that our chairs are beautifully wrapped in pillowcases.
(where did they learn that?)

This was one of my favorite things.
Money to pay for our dinner.  Naturally!

What romantic dinner for two would be complete without music?
Her angel globe provided a melodic serenade.

Of course, you might want music at your own table.
The music box came in handy!

Then, of course, we needed to order our food.
read: "menues"
translation: "menus"

translation: "Desserts are 2 dollars: ice cream, cakes, muffins, hot chocolate, lemonade"

translation: "Dinners are four dollars: pb and j (peanut butter and jelly), top ramen, apples"
"fruit and veggies are one dollar: peaches"

 With so many great options, it was hard to make our meal selection.
David ordered ice cream.

I ordered hot chocoloate
(this is how it came--half full, half stirred)

Our two little waiters were thrilled to prepare and share this wonderful romantic dinner for us!
(please note the uncooked top ramen.  Their favorite!)
Yeah for friends!
*p.s. I have to give credit where credit is due--Nataleigh learned this fun idea from her cousin Sarah.  Together they created lots of romantic dinners for their families.

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