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Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering September 11th

In each generation there seems to be horrific events that are etched in our memories. People can remember where we they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked, John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Spaceship Challenger exploded, and most recently when the September 11th events unfolded.

I remember David calling me from work to tell me that two planes had crashed into the Twin Towers. I was home holding our new baby, Ethan, who was just a month old. I instantly turned on the T.V. and was glued to the screen for what felt like days. How would this affect the life of my new son?

(Ethan, September 2001)

(Oliver, September 2011)

Ten years later as we revisit those terrible moments, I am once again holding a new baby who is also just a month old. Somehow holding a little baby in my arms and watching the documentaries of what feels like real-time accounts, I'm thrust back in time to that awful day, and I can't help but reflect on how our lives have been affected in the last 10 years.

The late Prophet President Gordon B.Hinckley's Remembrance Statement released a year after the attacks still rings true. He said, "During the past year, we have come to know the heroic acts of men and women whose courage and selflessness were manifested on that terrible day. So many lost their lives. So many friends and families have been deprived of dear ones. Today we pause to remember and join in tribute to those whose lives were taken and to those who have carried on so bravely in their absence...May our Father in Heaven smile upon us all, comfort those who continue to mourn, and guide the leaders of nations in the quest for justice and liberty, is our sincere prayer."

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