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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Every once counts!

We took Oliver back to the doctor's for our weekly weigh-in. His track record of gaining weight has been bleak:

birth: 7 lbs. 2oz.

5 days: 6lbs. 2oz

2 weeks: 6lbs. 2.9oz (YIKES)

After he had hardly gained ANYTHING in one week I asked the nurse what I could do to turn my apparently "skim milk" into "cream". She suggested a nutritional supplement called Marshmallow.

According to the note on the bottle, "Marshmallow is thick in mucilage, which is a jelly-like substance. It has been speculated that a confection made of marshmallow inspired our modern-day candy, even though it does not actually contain the herb." (Hmm. good to know, I guess)

I also started eating ice cream, and drinking milk. Apparently it's all working because at our last weigh-in at 3 weeks...

7 lbs!!!

When the doctor asked,

"What are you feeding him?"

I simply said,


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  1. What a precious picture of Oliver! I'm glad that marshmellow is helping Oliver gain weight.I want to meet him so bad!