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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday dinner and orange rolls

We had Sunday dinner in our dinning room for the first time in our new house. I've missed that routine. The dinning room was one of the first rooms we packed up and the dinning room table was one of the first pieces of furniture we moved down.

I love that eating in the dinning room is a different experience than what we do during the week. It helps set Sunday apart as a special day...the Sabbath day.

For dinner we made yummy orange rolls...actually orange "knots". The recipe was for "Knot Good Rolls". Cleaver. They were delicious and the kids had fun making them.

We set the table with the china that David and I found at an antique shop in Sweden. We also used our new goblets (thanks, Jen!). Having Sunday dinner in the dinning room was one step closer to returning to "normal life" after the baby and the move. steps! Now I just have to unpack all those boxes, organize my home office and closet, oh yeah...and tackle the 'black hole' of a garage. :)

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