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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The miracle of childbirth

Childbirth really is a miracle in itself. Is there any doubt that God lives and created our amazing bodies that can bring these little ones into the world? And the babies themselves are another testament that God lives and loves us. He created these perfect bodies to house our Spirits. It's a beautiful thing.
Another first for this pregnancy: my first epidural. Overall it was a good experience. I did have a headache, threw up three times, and felt a little out of it at times, but the trade off was a manageable labor. It was amazing to feel certain sensations without feeling pain.
I was surprised how tired I was during labor. Without the pain of labor, why would I be tired? I realized that although I wasn't feeling pain, my body was still working really hard to bring this little guy into the world.
Speaking of gratitude, I am also grateful for my great OB, Dr. Kristine Zelenkov. She has now delivered three of my four babies. She's terrific; supportive, cautious, and intelligent. I am very grateful I was able to stay in Davis County to deliver with her.

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