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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Caroling Party and a Hot Chocolate Bar

I am so excited to share this post!  Last night we had a few families over for dinner, caroling, and a hot chocolate bar.  It was a great success!  I was surprised how easy it was to put together once I gathered a few essentials.  

First, guests filled their personalized mugs with hot water.

Then they could choose from six varieties of Stephens hot chocolate; milk chocolate, Mexican chocolate, chocolate raspberry, candy cane, white chocolate, and cherry chocolate.  I also offered a carmel apple cider for those who may not be interested in chocolate.  Next, we had six varieties of marshmallows; lemon meringue, chocolate brownie, toasted coconut, key lime, neapolitan, and carmel & vanilla swirl.  

Guests could top off their personalized hot chocolate with mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, Andes mint chips, or their choice of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles. We also had whip cream to help cool down their hot drink. 

 During a recent trip to Williams Sonoma I found these fantastic peppermint and toffee sticks that guests used to stir their drinks. 
(They were seriously to die for! Worth every penny.  I will totally get them again.) 

We caroled to three families and wanted to leave each with a little something.  I filled these inexpensive tins with a mix of cookies and other treats.  Our local bakery, Grandma Toblers, had an amazing variety.  There is something about baked goods that screams "Christmas!"

 It was a great night to be with friends and spread some holiday cheer.

A huge shout out to Kevin & Amanda for their fun idea.  Thank heavens for fabulous creativity forums.

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