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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oliver Develops His Fine Motor Skills

Oliver has a cadre of helpful therapist who meet with us in our home multiple times a month.  I marvel at their vision for him.  Step by step they lead him through milestone after milestone.   

When I don't know how to help him develop a necessary skill, they give me the tools to help him.  When I struggle to understand his challenges, they give me the knowledge to figure it out. When I get discouraged with his progress, they give me hope that he can do it. 

This video is a sample of what a therapy segment is like for us.  The therapist usually stay for about an hour, and they work on very specific skills.   They keep track of his progress and make suggestions for improvement.  They makes notes and give me a copy, so I can refer back to their suggestions.

I am always grateful when they come.  I especially appreciate the perspective they bring.  I live with Oliver every day and its easy to loose sight of his progress.  Their objective eyes help me realized his is progressing, and Oliver loves his therapist.  One of my favorite parts in this video is watching his face lights up when we give him praise for doing a task.  In that brief moment, I feel like I can see in him all the potential in the world.

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