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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

History Fair

A few months ago, Ethan and his classmate, Brayden, decided to enter the National History Day competition.  We went to the library and checked out this pile of books.  Can you tell what their subject is?  Abraham Lincoln.

The 2013 theme for National History Day is "Turning Points in History"
Ethan and Brayden spent many hours researching various aspects of Abe's life and how he influenced our country and the world.

Like any worthwhile project, it became a family affair.  The board lived on every large, flat surface of our home including the kitchen counter...

and the dinning room table.

Before they knew it, the regional history fair took place.  
There were thought-provoking and fun exhibits including how Barbie influenced the world for good and bad.  Other interesting projects examined the events of 9/11, and invention of vaccinations, and how the Beatles changed the world.  We knew the competition would be steep.

 Ethan's fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Tuituvuki, was at the fair with her son's impressive project on Frederick Douglas.

The boys were confident in their presentation.
They prepared a 500 word process paper and a completed bibliography.
The judges asked them questions about their topic to see what they had really learned.

After a long deliberation process, the judges announced the winner of the sixth grade exhibit board contest.
The blue ribbon was theirs.

The boys were thrilled.  It was a great feeling, and I was thrilled for them.
With this win they progress to the State History Fair competition.

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