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Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter 2013

There's noting like blurry-eyed Easter morning pictures.
The kiddos were full of anticipation of finding what the Easter bunny had brought.

They each found their carefully hidden Easter baskets full of trinkets and toys. 
Oliver couldn't keep his eyes off his new book.

 Over the past few years it has been our privilege to have some of my sisters with us for Easter.  This year Mackenzie drove down to spend the weekend with us.  Her Easter basket doubled as a new insulated lunch bag.

 We were also blessed to have Carly and Chase with us.  They were in town to spend time with Carly's Grandmother, and we were the lucky ones they choose to stay with.
(Carly, you are so beautiful!  Look at your glow!)

Church on Easter has got to be one of my most favorite times.
I love the Spring in the air and the reason for the season.
He has risen. Jesus lives!

 Wow.  I love to look at my husband. He is the man of my dreams!


Lots can change in one year....
here's a look at last year's family Easter picture...

                                                                                                   2012's a picture of my goal...


...making progress...

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