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Friday, February 1, 2013

Brittany is getting married

A week from today my sister, Brittany, is getting married.  Although we are six years apart, she is my closest sister in age order.  I didn't really grow up with Brittany, but our relationship blossomed when she lived with us in our Country Way house in Fruit Heights prior to her mission.  

Brittany is incredibly determined and a hard worker. She is also very willing to help others.  When I was pregnant and so sick, she would come to my house and help me clean.  That meant the world to me.  After my miscarriage she hung out with me and helped me emotionally adjust.  She also helped us during our last big move from our Laurelwood house to Santa Clara.  We couldn't have done it without her.  When it really matters, Brittany is there.

Brittany has dated a lot in her 30 years. We've seen her through quite a number of relationships, but for a variety of reasons none has worked out. (I've joked with her that for a bachelorette party I was going to list all the past boyfriends she has had.  She doesn't think that's funny.)    

Her relationship with Seth was different.

Seth and Brittany met at a Young Single Adult outing in Washington DC.  One of the first things Brittany noticed about Seth was his hard work ethic.  He was willing to help out in the kitchen, clean dishes, and get the job done.

 Brittany decided to move out to DC in the Fall of 2012.  She was waiting for her the result after taking the California bar.   Our sister, Brianna, who is currently living in DC, suggested she come and Brittany was up for the adventure.  She's really glad she came.

Brittany says she appreciates Seth's listening ear.  He is very attentive to her and has an amazing calming effort on her.  It is one of the things I like most about him--his ability to neutralize a sometime very feisty Brittany.  (Love ya, Britt!)

Seth is from Connecticut.  One of their first "meet the family" was when Brittany visited his hometown. 

It's easy to see in her eyes that this was more than a casual relationship.

These pictures of them dancing in the Fall leaves make me laugh.  That's an important part of any solid relationship-- the ability to make each other laugh.

After their Connecticut trip, Brittany and Seth decided it was time to meet the Scott family.  Remember this spontaneous dinner in October?  

Brittany and Seth flew to Utah because my parents were planning a trip here to see the final showcase of Jacob's horse therapy.  That event snowballed into a "meet the Scott family" event.  Seth also has family in Utah, so they spent the weekend visiting both sides of the family.

They stopped in Salt Lake... Provo...

...and at our home in Santa Clara.
 When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, closing work and the airport in Washington DC, the airlines changed their tickets and suddenly they had a few more days of vacation.  Brittany and Seth took a road trip to California. 

 They were engaged shortly after.

Some might say it was a fast courtship.  Remember that Brittany has dated A LOT.  With thirty years of living--almost half of those years dating--she knows a good thing when she sees it.  When I asked her if she really knew Seth was the one for her she said, "deciding to marry Seth is the easiest decision I've ever made."  Wow. That's definitive.

They can dance together in the front room,

and work side by side in the kitchen

They are both determined,
and yet they know how to have fun.

I may not know Seth that well, but I know how he makes Brittany feel.  Over the Christmas break we got a glimpse of how they interact.  She was as giddy as a school girl every time he called and when he sent her flowers she beamed.  It is wonderful to see my sister so content.


I'm excited for these two and wish them every happiness.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful post! Congrats to the Lovebirds!

  2. This was such a fun post for me to read and it's even more fun to live through this love story! I loved to see our love story told through those pictures. So fun! Thanks Megan. Thanks for being so supportive. Love you! - Brittany