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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Kindergarten Polar Express

Friday, December 21st
 The kindergarteners got a real treat with Kathryn and Jocey brought their barrel trains to school to give the students a real Polar Express experience. 

The students really enjoyed riding around the walking track, and the drivers enjoyed driving, too.

Above, Rachel, left, and Jocey. 
Below, Kathryn, right.
(All the kindergarteners were asked to wear their PJs so Kathryn and I decided to wear our's, too)

There is no question that David is the favorite in our home.  When he came to the school to take Oliver home for a nap Oliver flapped his had with such excitement that I thought the entire stroller would float into the air.  All the mommies ohhed and ahhed and how much this little guy was excited to see his Dad.  Then, seconds later, Nataleigh's class was dismissed for recess and when she saw her favorite Dad she literally jumped into his arms.  I can't blame them.  I think he's pretty neat, too.

The class had their snack. Yes, I signed up to bring the healthy option of a treat.  Carrots don't quite compete with a chocolate donut and chocolate milk, but I was impressed with how many students ate their veggies. 

Afterwards, Mrs Sumens invited me read the Polar Express.  It's a long book for kindergarteners, but we all managed.  The students really look forward to the fun experiences that come with the holidays.  I am grateful for this season of my life when I can participate in Jacob's classroom more than I have been able to before.

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