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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Every day a little Christmas - Montessori program

With the events of Newtown fresh on my mind it was difficult to keep up with any day-to-day activity during Christmas.  Christmas, however, is a great time to think of peace, love, and the redemptive power of our Savior, whose birth we celebrate.  There couldn't be any better thoughts to focus on in the wake of such a tragedy.  Here are some of the other Christmas activities that filled December.

December 12th
Jacob's Montessori school had their "Christmas Around the World" program.  He memorized his part, "Santa Clause is sometimes called Kris Kringle".  He could usually only get out "Santa" and "Kris Kringle".  Ha.  Oh well.

They learned sign language and signed one of their songs.

 Jacob loves music and loves to sing.  He was all smiles.

Jacob has a friend at Montessori also named Jacob.  According to their teachers the two Jacobs are inseparable .  My heart swells with joy to know Jacob has a friend.

What could bring out a smile like this?
A pi├▒ata filled with treats.
With that kind of an end to the program, he might want to come back every year.

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