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Monday, January 21, 2013

ATVs in Cabo

Our second day of adventures in Cabo included ATVs on the beach.  
I stayed on the boat with the little ones while the rest of the crew divided into two groups and took turns on the ATVs.

Grandpa & Grandma; Tyson & Brianna; David, Ethan, & Nataleigh were in one group.
Cameron & Jana; Tyson & Jen; Brittany; Mackenzie; and Brooke were in group two.


I'm glad the parents of the little ones got a break and a chance to really play together.

I have to admire my parents and their sense of adventure.

  This picture (below) is one of my favorites of the trip. Fun in the sun!

Ethan and Nataleigh had a good time despite the dusty trail.

  Brittany, Mackenzie, and Brooke are all smiles.

 When the groups reached the beach they "opened up" the ATVs and really let 'em ride. 

Jen gave Tyson one last kiss before he peeled away.

Cameron and Tyson have been to Cabo before.  They played hard then, and they played hard this time, too.  It's a good things that in a family with six sisters, the only two boys were born one after the other.  They are good buddies.  Below, Cameron is showing off his riding abilities.

I believe Tyson was waiting the entire time for this moment when they reached the beach.
He hit the throttle and let the sand fly.
 The swirling sand hugs his wheels as he spins out.

Too bad the top of the picture couldn't catch his speed and enthusiasm. 
We'll just have imagine his facial expression.

 This was the pinnacle moment when Tyson got all four wheels off the ground.  Way to fly, bud! 

Eventually all the groups made it back to the ship and we set sail for Puerto Vallarta.

 We were sad to leave Cabo, but looked forward to the next adventure.

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