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Friday, December 14, 2012

Trimming the Tree, Countdown Chain, Lights, and a Birthday

Wednesday, December 5th

Before I move onto to the rest of the week, I have to include the other activities we did.  Because Christmas is so full of fun things to do, somedays we did more than one.

Trimming the tree

This is Jacob's year.  He is soooo into everything Christmas.  He wanted to put the start on the top of the tree.  He wants to put up the stockings. He wants to write notes to Santa every day. 
He can't wait!

 This year I got a new garland.  I love it.

David loves the fine film of glitter it leaves everywhere.  It's just like sand!
(Hear that sarcasm?)

We also made Christmas Countdown Chains to help Jacob understand that, no, Christmas isn't tomorrow.  Or the next day.

 Look at that face!  Excited is an understatement.

This year we were inspired by our neighbors and decided to put up lights.  Our red and white trim is accentuated by green swags.

The nativity is new and I really like it.  Unfortunately the star, donkey, and wise men were sold out.  Maybe next year.

We told the lighting guys to wrap our trees like those on Temple Square.  I think they did a nice job.  It definitely feels festive.

Nataleigh's BFF is Kenlee.  Her birthday theme was taken from the new movie "Brave".  I thought it was terrific that they could talk about important qualities like being courageous and brave.
Kenlee was so good to Nataleigh.  After the party they celebrated with a birthday dinner and then went to watch Kenlee's sister, Bailey, perform at a basketball half time show. How fun to have a birthday in December!

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