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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Huntsville, Alabama

Day 2

David's best friend from high school is Kirk Sorensen.  He is a genius.  David remembers many late nights talking with Kirk about the physics of how the world operates.  It was so surprise when Kirk decided to get his master's degree in nuclear energy at Georgia Tech in Alabama.  He later worked for NASA in their space propulsion department, and is now the leader of what will likely become the Thorium Age.  All you have to do is google his name to see the significant impact he is making on the energy world. 

One of the smartest decisions Kirk made, however, was marrying Quincy.  This Georgia peach is as sweet as they come! She is smart, articulate, beautiful and fun.  She is a great mother and I have enjoyed her company since the first day we met. 

Kirk and Quincy were married two months before we were.  

For more than a decade we've shared, from afar, in their joys and heartbreaks.  We look forward to their annual Christmas card updates, and we've loved visits from them when they come to Utah.  

Their oldest, Zoe, is Ethan's age and their second, Kaija, is Nataleigh's age.  Sweet Suzie is about Jacob's age and Isaac is a little bit older than Oliver.  For years we've said we would visit them in Alabama.  It was so exciting to make those plans a reality.

On Day two, with anticipations high, we met up with the Sorensens.  Quincy gave us a tour of the great city of Madison and we took the kids to two beautiful parks.  We had lunch at their home until it was time to put the babies down for naps.  Afterwards, we quickly returned and met up with the men to enjoy dinner at the Sorensen home.   

 It was really such a treat to watch our children get along so well.  Quincy and I got a chuckled as we watched our pre-teens interact.  How blessed we are to know people of such great caliber.  We try to teach our children that "likes attract".  We tell them that as you work hard to be a good person and be the best you can be, then you will naturally find other people with similar goals and desires.  The Sorensens are a great example of this.

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  1. So gracious! So kind! Thank you! I've haven't looked at our engagement picture in about 10 years! We miss you!