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Monday, December 3, 2012

General Jackson Showboat and Rocketts

Day 4

The day started off with a ride aboard the General Jackson Showboat.  This steamboat took us up and down the Tennessee river while we enjoyed lunch and a variety show featuring Steve Hall and the  Shotgun Red Show.

Afterwards we went to Gingy's Gingerbread house where we decorated a family of gingerbread people.

Jacob learned about Gingerbread men earlier this year in Kindergarten. He loved making his little family.  He made up dialogue and had his people talking and talking.  These cookies kept him entertained for what seemed like forever.  Hilarious!

We ate dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant on site at Opryland Hotel.  I always get nervous about taking Jacob and Oliver to nice restaurants.  Luckily, I'm learning to not worry so much.  We do the best we can to keep them quiet and to try and prevent them from making distracting noises.  We always carry Jacob's trusty IPad and blanket with us.  It helps to settle him down in almost any situation.  Most people understand we have a family of four busy children.

After dinner we took a carriage ride around the grounds to see the lights.
Our horse was named Cinderella.  The kids thought that was an awesome name for a horse.

 We ended the evening at the Grand Ole Opry watching the New York City Rockettes.  They were phenomenal. Their precision dancing was second to none.  We were all very impressed. I highly encourage anyone to google New York City Rockettes to see the fantastic pictures on line.

The really fun part was how much Oliver was engaged during the entire show.  There were only a couple of dialogue-heavy scenes that lost his attention.  Other than that, he was very engaged.  What a thrill to take my entire family to see a production like that.

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  1. That last picture of you and Oliver had me smiling forever!