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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time Rushes On: To The Young Women

Before leaving the subject of the Fruit Heights 5th Ward, I have to add one more story.  On that first Sunday in July when I was sitting in Relief Society with my baby, I was surprised to glance over and see one of my former Laurels, Danielle Cox, holding her new baby.  It made me think of all the lessons we had on eternal marriage and the importance of families.  In almost a twinkle of an eye this young woman was now married and a mother, herself.  The experience made me think of how quickly time rushes on.

Within a relatively short period of time I:
 1. was a youth in the young womens program,
2. served as a youth leader,
3. watched as the youth I served got married and starting their own families, and
4. will soon see them serving in young womens programs, themselves.

It is nearly unfathomable how quickly time flies.  The circle of life continues.  It is important to take a moment to stop and reflect on the experiences we shared and how we all learn from each other.

My love to each of the young women that I've had the pleasure to work with:

Marianne Barnhurst, Jessica Bott; Heather, Kristie & Heidi Mathison; Missy Flamm; Tracy Jonsson; Megan & Shannon Rigby; Holli & Heidi Lebaron; Diana Bird; Rachel Hoskins; Tacy, Julia & Elise Anderson; Brooke Benincosa; Danielle Cox; Mandy, Melody, Mckenzie, Myrika, Michelle & Maddy Meyer; Rachel & Annie Gardner; Mikelle & Maura Molton, Heidi & Holly Gaylor, Johanna Adams; Michelle, Janelle & Laurie Heywood; Haley & Shelby Smith; Jennifer Christensen; Carly Brough; Jessie Edgington; Tahlya Hunt; Jessica & Abbey Rocha; Britnee, Kiana, Alyssa, & Brianna Miller; Kelsey McFadden; Katie Boyle, Megan & Camille Johnson; Megan Steele, Rachel Cottle; Sarah & Becky Powner; Mackenzie Hall; Tristin Stevenson; Kendall Treadwell; Robyn Jones; Scarlet Stevenett; Bailey Gunther; Gena Shupe; Cherstin Davis; Kimberly Larson; Lexie West; Lauren Skaggs; and Emily Abel;

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  1. It does seem like just yesterday! Life goes by so fast. I still reflect upon those lesson you gave in YW. You have definitely helped to shape all of us by your gracious and beautiful example of love and charity. Love you!