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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have to pause from my summer recap for some up-to-date news.  
Remember a couple of posts ago I talked about all the rains we were receiving?  I even showed pictures of my kids frolicking in the rain?  Well, unfortunately, we had another huge storm last night and our walls just couldn't contain all that rain.  We woke up and discovered our basement full of water.

Our storage room had the most water.

The carpet was soaked.  
Every where you stepped, water rushed in.
The water poured in from the window and we think the rain gutters must have detached.

David and I (mostly David) spend the next couple of hours clearing out two downstairs rooms and the food storage room.  Luckily all the food storage I had on the floor was in sealed number 10 cans.  (Hallelujah!)

The water also ran down the tile hallway and even under the stairs into the playroom.  But that damage was less extensive.

We moved everything from those two rooms into the downstairs family room.
It's hard to believe all this stuff was in there!

 I called the restoration guys to come and help.  They were actually just up the street helping our other neighbors clean up their houses, too.

First, they did water extraction.

Then they pulled up all the carpet and threw away the carpet pad.  Can you see the water on the cement??  The restoration guys said we had a lot of water to clean up!

Then they brought in the heavy duty fans and dehumidifiers. 
It took about four hours to clean up everything.

 Now, for the next few day, I have almost a dozen fans and dehumidifier machines working around the clock to dry everything out.  Even so, we are told the carpet has delaminated and will need to be replaced.  Oh joy.  Nothing like a little moisture to make the day exciting.

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