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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jacob's birthday celebration

Happy Birthday Jacob!

We knew we had to keep Jacob's birthday experience manageable.  Smaller groups work best for Jacob.  So, in addition to Ethan and Nataleigh, we invited our neighborhood family--Cooper, Conner and Kenlee and we were thrilled that our Oregon Cousins, Berkleigh and Merrick could celebrate with us, as well.

We took the group to Barefoot gymnastics where Jacob has gymnastics lessons twice a week.  
He loves to jump and tumble.  
Our friends loved it, too.

The group jumped on the trampoline, had a floor relay, and the favorite activity was jumping or swinging into the foam pit.

Jacob was fearless.  He is such a thrill seeker.  Its a funny dichotomy--he can be scared to death of things, and then be the first one to jump off the platform.  Nuts!

Of course, Jacob enjoyed opening presents--lots of Cars related gifts (yeah!) and blowing out the candles after everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Even Oliver and Quincy had a good time.
Jacob is not a big fan of cake or ice cream, but a snow cone is a real treat. So after gymnastics we took everyone to get a snow cone and Jacob got his favorite flavor, "Diego".

 The festivities continued to next day when Grandpa Marty and Grandma Carolyn came to town.  We had another rousing version of the birthday day song and finally ate the cake.

The pinnacle of Jacob's birthday was when he walked into the garage to find his new mini blue Ford F-150 motorized truck.  For almost a year now he has mooched rides off of Cooper and Conner's trucks.  Ridding the motorized red truck is often a highlight of any trip to Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Craig's house.  It was about time Jacob had his own.  We could tell from all his hand flapping that he was thrilled!

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