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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early Birthday in Las Vegas

In seems that lots of people in St. George vacation in Las Vegas.  Personally, I think of Sin City as the section of the I-15 freeway between Laguna Hills, CA and Salt Lake City, UT littered with inappropriate billboards that we all try to avoid.  What could be appealing about vacationing there?  
Well, its safe to say that David and I discovered the magic of the city just south of us.  

For an early birthday get-a-away, David took me to the Vdara--one of the few non-gaming hotels on the strip, adjacent to the Bellagio.

Friday night we enjoyed the Bellagio dinner buffet and then saw Cirque Du Soleil's "O".  It was really terrific.  I have seen a lot of theater and performance in my life, but nothing like this.  Its a modern circus show with a variety of acts including a fire juggler, crazy contortionists, acrobatics, and visual splendor.  I enjoyed the staging, costumes, and sets.  The timing was great and the element of surprise was very real.  Truly entertaining.

After "O" we saw the water show in front of the Bellagio.  
 Watching the water shoot up hundreds of feet while listening to Frank Sinatra's voice underscore the movement was magical.  It was one of those moments when we just enjoyed being together. We figured it had been 1 1/2 years since we had a get-away by ourselves.  Overdue.

 Yes, around 9pm the crazy people started coming out.  We saw folks dressed up like Mario, Elvis, Edward, and Woody.  There were the annoying people on the corner thrusting flashcards into your face, and the man on the corner holding his Bible and calling us all to repentance.  He must have been working with the other man on the soap box with the loud speaker telling us we were all going to...
H-E-double hockey sticks. 

As funny as it sounds, once we blocked out all the noise, it was very serene.  Actually, I was intrigued with the obvious attention to detail as we walked around on the Bellagio property .  They thought of everything; from the artistically designed fences and streetlight posts, to the hundreds of planted flowers.  We felt transported to a different place. I even compared it to Disneyland.  
Who would have thought of that?

In the morning we did some shopping and then headed back home.  
Yes, it was Super Bowl weekend-- apparently always a big party time in Vegas.  
We did hit traffic and arrived home about 2 hours after we expected.  Something in Vegas ARE true to form.  But, I would go back.  I enjoyed being with David and getting out of suburbia for a few hours.  We were also grateful to return home.  

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