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Thursday, December 15, 2011


When you step back and think about everything that we do during Christmas it is a real testament to the significance of the season.  No holiday is as big as Christmas.  It seems vey appropriate that the most important season gets the most attention.  The music of Christmas is a key element. I have one friend who says she listens to Christmas during each month ending in "ber"...October, November, and December.  

With music such an important part of the season, is it any wonder that December is filled with music concerts?  Ethan's elementary choir performed their concert and it did not disappoint.  (I have to mention that at first I had to force Ethan to sign-up for choir.  Luckily, now he loves it and looks forward to practices twice a week before school.) As I watched Ethan sing the first number I was overcome with emotion.  Not only was the music powerful, but as I watched him perform I had one of those time warp moments when I thought ahead to everything he could do and become in the future.  It was overwhelming.  I am so proud of who he is and the decisions he has made thus far in his short life.  He's a special boy--spoken like a truly proud parent! 

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