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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is our crew all dressed up for Halloween; an Albert Einstein "Smartie" Pants, a Southern Belle, Woody the Cowboy, and a baby bear.

The kids had a costume parade at school. They walked all around the school track while parents lined up to talk pictures. There were some really creative costumes.
Above, Ethan with his two new friends, Tim on the left and Jonah on the right.
(Jonah is trying so hard to stay in character during this picture. Funny!)

I have to admit, it took a lot of convincing to get Ethan to wear this costume. Ethan was content to be simply a "Smarty Pants" by attaching smartie candies to his pants. I told him we needed to do something a little I found the Albert Einstein wig and mustache. Then we added the pocket full of pens and the lab coat. He finally agreed to wear each piece, but it really took some creative conversation to get him to agree. In the end, I think he liked how he looked. I think he looked great!

Nataleigh loved being a Southern Belle. It was fun to tell people her middle name was Belle. Somehow that made it all the more appropriate.

The best part about Jacob's costume is the great Woody boots we found. They light up when he walks. We can't get them off him!

This little baby bear slept through most of the excitement. It is really special to me that he wore the same costume as Ethan and Jacob...and maybe Nataleigh, too.

We loved having Kenlee come trick-or-treating with us. She was a gold fish with lots of sparkles and glitter.

We weren't sure what to expect in the new neighborhood in terms of traditions or turn-out. It ended up being great weather and there were lots of kids out. Our troop had a really great time.

I was happy to keep the baby at home and hold down the fort.
(Jen, do you know I use those candles and posts you gave us from your wedding EVERY year? They are so fun and festive. Thanks!)

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  1. I fixed it for you!
    I love their costumes... and

    1. When did Ethan get so old that he doesn't want to wear the "whole get up" for Halloween??

    2. I love Nataleigh's Costume! It is beautiful and such a pretty color!

    3. Of Course you can't get Woody boots of Jacob! Really? He is Woody! :)

    4. I love seeing all your kids wear that bear costume! I hope mine get some reuse!