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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glasses, Bo Peep, Fish & an Umblical hernia

Today is a brief day-in-the-life looks at the Rasmussens


Jacob's finds his glasses after they have been missing for a few weeks. The same day, during pre-school, he promptly looses a screw and we have to get them fixed.  Luckily, the ophthalmologist says he hopefully won't need the glasses in the future as his eye muscles get stronger with age.


Nataleigh dresses up as Bo Peep for her 1st grade Fairy Tale Literacy Evening at school.


Ethan and David attended this month's Boy Scout Pack Meeting: "Fishing with the Mayor". He liked catching the rainbow trout, but concluded that it wasn't as much fun to eat it as to catch it.

Oliver has developed an umbilical hernia. The doctor said it isn't uncommon and we'll keep an eye on it. Sometimes when he cries I think the whole thing is going to burst. Oh the joy!

Oh how our lives are so unique.  It's which makes life always interesting!


  1. Merrick had an umbilical hernia too. :) It was creepy. Watch it after he has eaten and you can see his intestines pushing the milk through... crazy! :)

    It went away by itself around a year...

  2. I love Nataleigh's Bo Peep costume! She looks so cute!