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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinewood Derby

After two years of Pinewood Derby disasters--read: didn't make it down the track! There was a lot riding on this race...for both father and son.

Can you see the intensity in those Scouts eyes?

Ethan took FIRST in his heats TWICE. Then he placed second and then third in other heats. He took second overall. You can only imagine the elation and the relief! We brought home one happy boy and one grateful Dad.

(Nataleigh thought the best thing about the event was making your own edible cars.)

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  1. Yea Ethan! That is awesome! As I recall, pinewood derby at our house consisted of going to my dad's lab and using his crazy scales etc, to make sure everything was the exact weight so it would FLY down the track. Still Chris never won. I feel like the people who won slapped wheels on a block of wood. :) Anyways, congrats! That is quite the accomplishment!