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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thank you, Brittany!

After Brittany finished taking the California Bar Exam she drove up to Fruit Heights to help us move and help with the kids while I had our baby. There really are not words describe how much she helped us, but I'll try...

Brittany's efforts were nothing short of miraculous. After eight months of slowly moving things down to Santa Clara, we were seriously running out of energy to move. And yet, there was still those pesky remaining items that needed to be packed.

There is no way we could have done it without her. She worked days upon end moving boxes, sorting stuff, and packing necessities. She cleaned rooms, emptied drawers, removed everything from the fridge, wiped down counters, swept floors, washing walls and cleared shelves. She labored tirelessly to make sure everything was loaded into our cars for the move.

She also managed the kids schedules while David and I were in the hospital. She arranging play dates, ran last-minute errands, and painstakingly helped the kids pack their rooms item by item. She picked up the slack when David was being a single parent.

She also drove the Suburban down to St. George after she had carefully packed it full of crucial items like toothbrushes, special toys and blankets, and new clothes for the kids' first day of school,

Then, after all she did to get us and our "stuff" to St. George, she stayed until the cars were unpacked and the house was in some order.

Words simply can not convey my gratitude sufficiently. I pray Heavenly Father will bless her for her efforts, and I pray for the opportunity to repay her someday.

Thank you, Brittany!

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