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Monday, August 29, 2011

more fun at the doctor's office...

We were back at the doctor's office for Oliver's two week check-up. Unfortunately, he is not gaining enough weight. The doctor had already told us to supplement breast feedings with special formula and now he told us to use a higher calorie formula that they prescribe for preemies.

The doctor helped me understand that it takes a lot of work for a baby to get breast milk. Rather, getting formula from a bottle is easy. Consequently, the amount of energy it takes Oliver to get nutrition from breast feeding overrides any benefit. He is expending more energy to get his food than he is getting nutrients from it.

The bummer is I really love nursing. I love the connection I feel to him and I love feeling like I am providing for his needs. But, if nursing ISN'T providing for his needs, than I want to do whatever we can to help him get the nutrients he needs. Luckily I'm still nursing him when I can, but I am grateful the formula can help bulk him up.

Today we also had an appointment for Jacob who needed his immunization boosters before starting pre-school. Nothing more fun that watching a 5 year old get shots. :(
It felt like a marathon day at the doctor's office; our home away from home.

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