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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Extended family visitors at the hospital

What would we do without family? As I continue to speak about gratitude, I have to mention how grateful I am for wonderful family members. Brittany drove up from California after finishing the California Bar to spend time with us. She has been a life saver. (I've got a whole post dedicated to thanking her coming soon.) Cameron and Jana have been so good to us during this last year they have lived here. They are incredibly busy. And although we don't see them a ton, when we do see them it is quality time. They make every effort to come party with us. We've loved having them come to Santa Clara for General Conference or, come to Fruit Heights to create a Halloween brew. They helped us decorate Valentine's cookies, and dye Easter eggs. Another favorite memory is when they invited the kids to a St. Patrick's Day party at their apartment. The kids searched for their individual pots of gold, ate green food, and wore as much green as they could. Good times! We will really miss them.
This summer we have had Brooke in Utah while she attends Brigham Young University. She's a busy girl, but having her close by has been fun.
Another visitor to the hospital was Marty. David's Dad recently re-married and moved to Ogden, making it a short drive to come see us in the hospital. Oliver is his 17th grandchild. What a legacy. Marty has been incredibly supportive of us during these last 11 years. We have loved living next to him--literally 3 minutes away. We were sad to see him move, but so grateful that Carolyn is in his life. They are a terrific couple. Marty, we love you!

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